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The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification program’s purpose is to personally train and mentor you to:

  1. Be a Professional Motocross Coach— and have your students realize breakthrough results.

  2. Own and independently operate a successful motocross coaching business.


The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification Program is not a one-time interaction or an on-line study course. In order to fulfill all of the program’s promises, we have designed a rigorous and extensive program in which you will be personally trained and mentored to Be a MX Coach. You will receive personal coaching live coaching on the motocross track and in developing your business.

The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification Program was created in response to:

  1. Market demand.

  2. The readiness of the sport to accept and demand coaching at every level, from beginner to professional racers. 

  3. The need for standards, ethics and value in professional motocross coaching.

    • We are an active member of the USMCA (United States Motorcycle Coaching Association)

The demand for motocross schools, private coaching and instruction is at an all-time high*.   This is based on the number of inquiries in the last 2 years from parents, dirt-bike riders, amateur racers, and professional racers requesting coaching, and also requesting referrals for schools and coaches in their geographical area.

The rise in the number of coaches emerging in our sport is an indicator of the market demand and the subsequent market need for standards, ethics and coaching that actually produces value and results.

*Data from MX Coach number of inquiries compared to pre-2015 as compared to post-2015 


Be a MX Coach Purpose:

Our purpose is to create a worldwide coaching program that certifies and accredits professional motocross coaches by training and developing them in specific technologies and methodologies, that have irrefutably been proven effective and successful in motocross and high-performance coaching.


Intended Outcomes:

  • Motocross competitors at any class level and in any geographical region, will have access to professional, highly effective and ethical motocross specific coaching, training and instruction.

  • Entrepreneurs have legitimate opportunities to own and independently operate a successful coaching business that allows them to have the lifestyle they chose, as well as both financial success and, student success, and to make a remarkable contribution.

  • Established coaches and business owners have the opportunity to elevate their effectiveness in coaching, and expand their service offerings.

  • Provide access to the comprehensive motocross coaching and business consulting programs of Joe DeGano’s MX Coach and DeGano Coaching & Consulting.

  • Enrich the sport, community and industry of motorcycling, racing and athletics.


​About Joe DeGano

Joe DeGano lives in Boise, Idaho and founded MX Coach in 2001. He pioneered integrating the four aspects of a comprehensive motocross program inside scientific and ontological* coaching techniques and methodologies. The fours aspects are 1) Mental, 2) MX Technique, 3) Athletics, and 4) Sports Nutrition.


The Be a MX Coach program created by Joe DeGano represents over three decades of training, developing, integrating and mastering all the aspects of professional motocross coaching.  Now the time has come to share a lifetime’s body of work of the masters who have contributed and mentored Joe DeGano in creating this program.

Joe raced AMA pro in 1988, contesting the 125cc Nationals, and has been involved in the motorcycle industry ever since.  DeGano has had the opportunity to know and work with many top professionals and champions in motocross, off-road racing, road racing, as well as business and high-performance coaching.

DeGano’s approach is unique in what he calls Ontological* Coaching that has his students and clients “Being” a champion or a leader, unlike typical teaching that merely provides you with information and knowledge about champions or leaders.  He was first trained to be an ontological course leader and coach in 1990, and for over 25 years has a track record of coaching students, clients, teams and businesses to miraculous results, and many are recipients of national awards and titles. 

“MX Coach did not only make me a way better rider, but he finds something in us that we never thought was there, and pushes us past walls that we thought were too big to climb. MX Coach led me to the 125cc State Championship and to my AMA pro license.”               

– Brian Brandon, former professional motocross racer

Joe refers to the ontological coaching as mental training, but also states that motocross is 100% a physical and mechanical sport, and the intention is to get all that is going on in your mind, thoughts and feelings out of the way so that you can perform.  This is the cornerstone and power of his coaching.  He’s known as the “Unreasonable Man,” because of his unwillingness to accept reasons as a substitute for results.

*Ontology–The science of being: Studying the nature and function of being for human beings and the source of one's actions.

“It is really amazing to see the difference in Willie, not only in his abilities to ride but how much he now believes in himself. Before your class he had low self-esteem and hardly ever believed in himself. He knew he could do it but he left himself absolutely no room for error. Since your class he uses positive and strong words like you taught him to do…So I wanted you to know that you have made a world of difference in this kid, and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done!! Thank you!!!

– Patty Fecteau, Willie's mom


Joe is also the founder of DeGano Coaching & Consulting, a world leader in organizational transformation and leadership. He applies his background in coaching and developing athletes in a world-champion setting to businesses and leaders. The businesses he and his staff worked with have realized remarkable business results and earned national awards including: 2012 U.S. Small Business Administration Exporter of the Year, 2012 NIST Spirit of Innovation Award, and 2013 U.S. Department of Commerce President’s “E” Award for Exports.


“DeGano coached our staff through a "flow" process based on agreements [integrity]. It improved our manufacturing production time over 200%. These have now become Corporate Agreements that started a legacy of teamwork.”

– Tim Bernard, President, Happy Trails Products


World-leading, high-performance, championship-level teams do not come together by playing Little League-level games.

What a person is willing to give one’s word to and stand for, constitutes whom that person is.   One only need to look at history to find bold leadership that’s inspiring and engaging groups, nations and the world, in causes worth giving one’s time, attention and life to.  What arises is the opportunity to play the game of one’s life here and now. 

In working with businesses in multiple industries and of all sizes from entrepreneur start-ups to global corporations allows DeGano a unique ability to coach you on the motocross track and in your coaching business to be exceptionally successful and have the lifestyle that you want.   

“… our company was operating at a net loss of 6.58%. Since beginning coaching with DeGano, we recovered to a net income of 2.61%. Having spent a year in executive coaching has led to a 316% increase in Net Income to date.” I recommend DeGano’s services.”       

– Joshua Jackson, Controller


“High-performance coaching is high-performance coaching, whether that’s in athletics or in business.  Ultimately you are dealing with a person or people that are out to accomplish something, and if they are going to work with me, that something has got to be the opportunity of their life, what they truly want!”

– Joe DeGano

“The guy knows motocross and has studied it his whole life. What really stands out though is how he looks at things. He is notorious for his inspirational conversations that somehow, someway lead you to amazing accomplishments on and off the track!  He has trained many amateur racers that are now AMA level professionals, including me!”        

– Cole Siebler, professional motocross racer

Professional cycling is a highly evolved and venerable sport.  The first Tour De France was in 1903, and the practitioners have for over 100 years embraced technology and science to develop both man and machine to the gram and watt of what works and what does not work, to be the best in the world.  There is a strong correlation between motocross and cycling, given the fact that both include 1) an athlete and a machine, and 2) the matrix of athletic abilities requiring power, endurance and speed are comparable.


The top athletic trainers in motocross today, such as Aldon Baker and Randy Lawrence, have a background in cycling and have applied those scientific training methods to motocross athletic training and development.  DeGano followed a similar path to incorporate motocross-specific athletic training and sports nutrition into MX Coach to have a truly complete motocross program.

DeGano partnered with John Salami, owner of Elite Athletics World, to be trained and certified in the latest athletic science.  John’s impressive background in athletics included working with the top world cup mountain bike racers of Team Schwinn and Team Specialized.  At the time, he was currently training Ernesto Fonseca and Sebastian Tortelli of factory Team Honda, and Ryan Hughes.  The rest is history, and MX Coach integrated these technologies and scientific methods into specific motocross athletic training programs. 


DeGano’s philosophy is, “Begin with the biggest dream you can imagine, go for the highest level you know exists, make the boldest declaration that your mouth will allow, and then go to work on realizing the game of your life now. Why squander one’s life on small games while sitting alongside the logical and timid to merely reduce the risk of failing?  It is always available — to live your biggest life possible and deal with failure in a way that empowers you to be bigger and bigger and bigger, so that you no longer live a safe and comfortable life - instead you live a life in which you are alive!”

“Joe worked closely with my son for approximately 3 years. My son went from obscurity to being a highly competitive rider in a very short period of time, and ultimately earning his AMA pro license. Joe is one of the best motocross coaches and trainers out there.”

– Dr. David Kent, Dad of a professional motocross racer


MX Coach and now the Be a MX Coach program was born from DeGano’s philosophy stated above, and the bold declarations and unreasonable requests made to many have somehow created an inconceivable group of mentors, teachers and coaches that contributed to these programs in ways far beyond what we were aware of at the time. 

Gratitude to the greats: Anthony DeGano, Denis Waitley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joel MacDonald, Chuck Bennet, Candis Shivers, Mike Borger, Fernanda Downing, John Salami, JJ Handfield, Michael Ryan, Jodi Price, Homer Wong, Melinda Moreno, Richard Condon and others… Podcast

Be A MX Coach
About Joe DeGano
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