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In the Be a MX Coach program, you will be trained and mentored in the foundation and fundamentals of:

  1. Professional coaching

  2. Motocross technique 

  3. Athletic performance


Have your students realize what they are truly out to accomplish in a short amount of time and beyond their expectations.  


The techniques and methodologies that you will be trained and mentored in are a scientific approach that have produced champions - and will unquestionably take any rider, no matter what skill level, to immediate and breakthrough results.


These scientific techniques and methodologies are:  ​​

  1. Sports science

  2. Physics

  3. Neuroscience

  4. Ontology - The science of being, studying the nature and function of human being and the source of one’s actions.

Joe DeGano will personally train and mentor you in a unique coaching approach that is the cornerstone and power of high-performance coaching:

Professional Coaching – is distinct from teaching, instructing and training, and it goes beyond the realm of knowledge.  The common belief that “if I know what to do, then I will do it” has one in the pursuit of knowledge as the answer for success. 

Simply look into your own life and see that belief in action.  Have you ever been given information by an expert, or given a formula for success, then not acted on it - even though you were committed and motivated at some point? 


Coaching opens up a new world in which the student now sees himself, others, and the world in a new way.  This view of one’s world is the domain in which a coach dwells, and this is the source of performance (action). 

Motocross Technique – the top 5 professional racers in our sport show us at every race, in every video, and in every photo what works according to the laws of physics as related to motocross.  Unfortunately, the untrained eye is blind to recognize what a rider is doing as anything other than that person’s individual riding style.  Being trained in these physical laws of motocross distinctions, the world of what works and what doesn’t work will become obvious, giving the coach access to make immediate and breakthrough results with students.


Every professional sport has fundamentals, which the students learn, become competent in, and then master these fundamentals.  The opportunity in motocross is that these fundamentals are largely unnoticed or ignored by most, even by professional racers. 


Athletic Performance – Athletic performance goes far beyond physical conditioning, and includes the athletic movements of the sport and how these movements are coached and ultimately mastered by the student.  Professional sports like football are the epitome of research and development in athletic performance.  The discoveries made in that money-is-no-object environment in physiology and neuroscience trickle down to popular amateur and high school-level sports like football, swimming, tennis, hockey, etc. 


Applying these proven scientific methods to motocross gives your students an incredible advantage as most motocross instructors and racers are simply riding the track trying to go faster, while turning a blind eye to science.  

Ontology – is the science of “being,” studying the nature and function of human beings and the source of one’s actions.   Ontological coaching leaves the student “Being” a champion, a coach, a leader, etc., unlike typical teaching that provides you merely with information and knowledge about champions, coaches or leaders.  This approach gets to the source of what is working and what is not working in each interaction, leaving students “being” and called to action with a distinct power, ease and freedom.

Neuroscience – Modern neuroscience has opened up worlds about how our brain functions and understanding brain function is critical to performance for the simple fact that performance is exclusively a function of action.  Therefore, discovering how your brain works is critical to performance.  Discipline, commitment and the like have nothing to do with neuroscience, and by entering this realm we can see the source of one’s actions allowing access to immediate breakthroughs in performance. 


Unloading your motorcycle from the pick-up truck and then turning laps, are yesterday’s methods. Professional coaching and scientific techniques and methodologies are the future of motocross. 

Our sport of motocross is maturing, and like most other sports, professional coaching is critical to a comprehensive motocross program.

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