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A Few Great Coaches

We are looking for an exclusive group of people with an exceptional commitment to be great coaches. Coaching is not for everyone or just anyone - and like any profession, there are great ones, acceptable ones, and ones you would never hire again. 

We are not trying to just sell you a program; we are inviting you to join us in elevating the profession of motocross coaching.  We are inviting you to be our collaborative partner and work together so that you are successful in your motocross coaching, and with your independently owned business.

We are not interested in sending masses of people through this program, taking their money and signing off on their coaching certificates.  Being a coach is not easy, and to be a professional coach is even more challenging.

The Be a MX Coach program is rigorous, challenging and will require more from you than you realize. If you become certified, then we have ensured that you have been thoroughly trained, and you have demonstrated the ability to coach others to breakthrough success. Said another way, we are training and mentoring you to be a professional coach who earned the certification of Be a MX Coach, and we will interact and relate to you in that manner. 

This program is about passing on to future generations a lifetime of discovery in the science and art motocross coaching to those willing to do what it takes to be a professional coach.  This is a champion’s journey that happens over years, and the Be a MX Coach program is designed that way as a community and affiliation in which together we elevate each other to mastery, and also expand what is possible.

Join us in this pioneering program, and I promise that regardless of whether you think you can or cannot, if you are willing, I will personally train and mentor you along the way, and unleash what is possible for you and also for the students you coach!

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