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Dirt Soldiers MX Podcast
Dirt Soldiers MX podcast - Joe DeGano
What You Are Promised From Your Full Participation in the Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification Program, you will leave this program with:
  1. The foundation and fundamentals of being a motocross coach - one who coaches your students to realize breakthrough results in their performance.

  2. The principles and practices of being a business owner and leader to realize your financial goals and continued success in your own independently operated business.

The Be a MX Coach Professional Coaching Certification Program is not a one-time interaction or an on-line study course.  In order to fulfill on the promises of the program, we have designed a rigorous and extensive program in which you will be personally trained and mentored to Be a MX CoachYou will receive personal and live coaching on the motocross track and in your coaching business. This is not an on-line course with precorded modules, this is a live interactive program with: 1) in person coaching on the track and in your business, 2) live webinars in which you and other candidates participate not just listen, 3) live phone calls and interactive e-mails and communication.  We are committed to you being an effective coach and owning a profitable business and each person and circumstance is different we design the program to meet you and what you want to accomplish.

Therefore, we have designed the Be a MX Coach program in a specific way in which our experience has shown us that these principles networked together in the way we have designed are necessary to realize the promises of the program and that is to leave you “Being” a coach and “Being” a business leader.


The Program is broken up into three phases:

  • Phase I – Preparation

  • Phase II – Coaching and Leading

  • Phase III – Performance and Follow-up


The Preparation Phase and Performance Follow-up Phase is done remotely via live webinar, telephone and e-mail communications.

The Coaching and Leading Phase is live in person coaching, training and developing during a motocross school, small group training and private lesson. 


Phase I - Preparation: 

I. Orientation and Overview
Setting the stage to produce remarkable results in a short amount of time.  Candidate Coaches (participants) are given an overview of the program: what to expect, what is expected, how to engage, and how to get the most value. 

II. Your Business Goals

One-on-one coaching sessions with Joe DeGano regarding your coaching business goals.  Whether you are just starting your own coaching business or you already have an existing coaching business and plan to expand it or add more value.  Together we create a plan of action referred to as your Leadership Initiative in which you will act on and be coached throughout the entire program. 

A key part will be creating financial measures that ensures the money you invested in your tuition is an unquestionable return-on-investment.  Your Leadership Initiative becomes your live laboratory of discovering what it takes to have a successful business, and also realize results, including financial results.

III. Preparatory Assignments

Preparation is essential to fulfilling the promises of the program.  Showing up to a race without the necessary preparation to accomplish your goals is not effective for professionals and those committed to producing breakthrough results.  Therefore, we have designed extensive preparatory assignments to fully prepare you for when we meet live on the motocross track. 

These assignments include reading specific documents and videos on Being a Coach and Being a Leader in which you will be introduced to fundamental principles utilized in realizing results.  Many people think being enthusiastic or being committed, or really wanting something, is enough to actually realize it.  These assignments are designed to challenge and disrupt your beliefs, notions and myths that you have about performance, and consider other approaches in which we will irrefutably prove their effectiveness.

​You will be introduced to the MX Coach Eight Essential Laws of Motorcycle Physics™, and be given on-the-bike assignments to develop your competency. 

*Note: It is not required to ride a motorcycle in this program. Some coaches will coach on a motorcycle and demonstrate techniques.  Other coaches will not be on a motorcycle, and will have the student demonstrate.  Either way can be effective.  It is advantageous for a coach to discover for her or himself the techniques and methodologies by riding a motorcycle. 

IV. Live Webinars

The live webinars allow us to powerfully and effectively interact together with the other candidate coaches in the program before we meet live on motocross track.  Note: these are not pre-recorded webinars that you listen to while eating potato chips.  We immediately dive into this program on these live video conference calls with Joe DeGano, and each and every candidate is also live with their video on.  

​We have over 6 hours of live webinars in this phase of the program, and will be discussing and opening up in more detail the work you did in the Preparatory Assignments. 

​Phase II – Coaching and Leading:

In-Person Training and Mentoring

This is the hands-on training and mentoring part of the program in which you will meet with Joe DeGano in person for a motocross school. You will be on the motocross track, being coached to coach students, and working in sessions dealing with what it is to be a coach and a business leader. 


On-the-MX Track Training

Candidates will discover for themselves in live on-the-motocross track interactions with students what it looks like to coach that has students realizing observable and measurable results.

I. Creating an Environment for Learning

Here you will discover the critical and cannot-be-stepped-over first steps in creating an environment in which performance is accelerated. You will see that “giving” information is not coaching. 

II. Science and Technology

You will be on your motorcycle or one your rent at this location, or coaching students on motorcycles.*  In this segment you will personally experience the MX Coach Eight Essential Laws of Motorcycle Physics™ and the irrefutable effect of the laws of physics in action.   

You will be on the track with Joe DeGano as he coaches you in the scientific approach of techniques and methodologies that have produced champions, and will unquestionably take any rider no matter what skill level to immediate and breakthrough results.  The entire day will be discovering for oneself the power of these techniques, and then discovering what coaching is so that you can offer students access to the same discoveries.

*Note: It is not required to ride a motorcycle in this program. Some coaches will coach on a motorcycle and demonstrate techniques.  Other coaches will not be on a motorcycle, and will have the student demonstrate.  Either way can be effective.  It is advantageous for a coach to discover for her or himself the techniques and methodologies by riding a motorcycle.


III. Being a Coach

You will discover first-hand the difference between instructing, training and actual coaching.  Candidates will have numerous opportunities to demonstrate coaching, and then receive immediate feedback to master the art and science of coaching.  You will become competent in seeing and coaching from motocross-specific distinctions and engaging your students in a way that breakthroughs in their performance become the new norm.


Business Leadership Seminar Training

I. The Business of Coaching

Each candidate coach will leave the training being able to set up or expand their business model and also effectively market, sell and coach a motocross school, private groups and individual coaching.  We will do further work on your individual business plan and Leadership Initiative. Each candidate will become clear on what it takes to have a successful and profitable business, and be a business leader.


II. Sales & Marketing

In this segment, we look at the facts of business that even masterful coaches must also be competent at things like sales and marketing.  You won’t get any internet-guru-type hyperbole about the easy way to get sales.  Instead we will show you how to market your brand with the Be a MX Coach certification as an effective way to differentiate yourself from other coaches, along with professional sales practices that get business results.  

III. Being a Business Leader

We explore what it looks like to be a business leader, and to look beyond the four walls of your business and challenge your point-of-view to create something that was not going to happen, but is not a pipe-dream.  The difference between management and leadership is distinguished, and you will see when each is needed and how it takes both management and leadership to have a thriving business.


IV. Motocross Schools

Marketing, selling and coaching motocross schools are the foundation of your business.  We will guide you to avoid the primary mistake that most new coaches make, and show you a proven path for success that builds a strong brand and customer base for sustainable success.

On-the-MX Track Training

I. Private and Small Group Coaching

Candidates will create the intention, context and environment for accelerated learning in individual and small group lessons.  Best practices are shared to ensure that these lessons are highly valuable and effective in a student’s development.  In this section, the “Talent Myth” becomes evident as a myth–– and you learn what neuroscience has to say about performance, giving you an unprecedented power and dominion as a high-performance coach.


II. Delivering Results

Candidates will come face-to-face with the question, “What will it take to reliably deliver results in any situation and with any rider?” Consider that results are what people will pay for and go to work for, period.  Although, students may have had fun, been inspired and received lots of information, but if they do not have access to realizing the results they want most, you will have failed as a coach.  This is the intersection where being an outstanding coach and having a successful business come together.  Your reputation, being liked, having a great decal kit, making friends, etc., are all fine and wonderful, but without results you will not fulfill the promises of this program.  “Whatever it takes” becomes more than a saying, and is now a place to stand in and coach from.


III. Being A Coach

By this point we have studied, experienced and discovered “being a coach,” and now we go deeper into the four foundational factors of coaching and what being a master coach looks like. These four factors are woven throughout the program, and when they become networked together will have you standing in the most powerful place to Be a MX Coach.  Around you the extraordinary happens!


IV. Demonstrating Being a Coach and Realizing Results

Throughout the entire program, each candidate is being evaluated, coached and mentored individually and with the group, to fulfill the promises of the program.  The program begins with the Phase I – Preparation, then Phase II – Coaching & Leading and finally Phase III– Performance and Follow-up.  In this section we present the tallied results of each candidate, who is given the opportunity to produce a breakthrough(s) in areas in which he has not yet demonstrated levels of competency.  Individualized training and development plans are then created to achieve the Be a MX Coach designation and certification.

Phase III - Performance and Follow-up:

I. Follow-up and Follow-through

This is a critical segment in realizing the promises of the program by implementing and integrating all that the candidates were exposed to in Phases I and II.  Each candidate is now following through with his or her individualized training and development plans.  One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled with Joe DeGano to follow up and support progress in achieving the Be a MX Coach certification.

 II. Live Webinars

We continue with live group webinars where we work together to share any triumphs and difficulties that the candidates or coaches have discovered.  Candidates receive on-the-court coaching, dealing with actual instances, not theory, in either motocross coaching or business.


III. MX School and Business Results

A key part created with each candidate is that the money you invested in the program’s tuition will be an unquestionable return-on-investment.  Now the Leadership Initiative that candidates were coached and mentored on throughout the program are put to the test.  The marketing, selling and coaching a successful motocross school is determined by both financial success and student success.  Each candidate’s motocross school will be evaluated to confirm results and the opportunity to ultimately achieve the Be a MX Coach certification.



Other customized programs are available; contact a representative for details. 

To Speak to a Representative for More Information Call: (208) 938-7010

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